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Do you like video games, dogs, and geekiness?

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If you answered YES to any of those questions then you should have a great time here! Even if you didn’t answer yes, I will aim to make this blog as entertaining as possible and hopefully you can find something worth your interest. My goal is to provide an entertaining outlook on all things related to the world of Nintendo. I aim to provide quality editorials, tutorials, resources, and fresh views on all things Nintendo.

So what’s a Kelzeon? Kelzeon is my online username. The name is inspired by my own name (Kelsey) combined with that of an eeveelution (from Pokémon).

A little bit about me… I am a full time college student pursuing a degree in Integrated Media. I also have a part time job working at my university. When I’m not studying or working, I enjoy spending my time playing video games. I play a wide variety of games but I have the biggest passion for Nintendo games. I specifically love Pokémon and Animal Crossing. In addition to playing games, I’m an avid collector of Nintendo merchandise. I have an addiction to collecting Amiibos, and I’m quite proud of all my Pikachu items.

Another hobby of mine is my YouTube channel. I really love editing and making videos. I’m working on creating an audience for my YouTube channel so please check it out!


Mei (left) & Miko (right)

I have to mention my two dogs, Miko and Mei. They are both black and tan Shiba Inus. They are a little over a year old. My favorite thing in the whole world is to cuddle up on the couch with both of them and play games. Miko enjoys when I play Harvest Moon because he can watch and bark at the animals on the TV.

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