DIY Death House Ritual Chamber for Dungeons and Dragon



At the end of the Death House module for Dungeons and Dragons, the players find themselves in a ritual chamber in the dungeon underneath the house itself. The ensuing fight in the chamber is a climactic part of the story and I wanted to present it properly to my players. So, I decided to try my hand at making a Matt Mercer inspired table top set up.

What I Used

Step One – Creating the Altar

The first prop I worked on was the sacrificial altar. I got thrifty with the altar and cut off the side of a snack sized box of Nerds I had from my stash of Halloween candy. I used this as the base of the altar. For the top part of the altar I glued two wooden squares together with a glue gun. I painted the base and the altar with gray acrylic paint and then glued the two parts together. After the gray paint dried I did a wet wash with black acrylic paint. I then added a few spots of red paint with my finger to create blood stains on the altar.


Step Two – Making the Platform

After creating the altar, I worked on making a platform for it to sit on. I used cardboard from previous boxes to cut out the shape. I painted the platform gray, and did a wash with black paint. I then lined the platform up with the D&D Adventure Grid and used that as a guide to paint rock-like squares on the platform.

FullSizeRender 12

Step Three – Painting Pillars

I had previously bought four packs of Unpainted Pillars by Wizkids. I painted the pillars gray and did a wash with black paint.


Step Four – Draw the Map

Finally, I used dry erase markers on the D&D Adventure Grid to draw the map of the ritual chamber. I decided to upscale the map so there was more room for the final fight. Another change I made was I did not include the hole in the west wall that houses the shambling mound. For my run through of Death House I switched out the shambling mound for a shadow demon.


Step Five – Have Fun

I had a lot of fun creating this set up for my players, and they seemed to enjoy the visual representation of the fight. I plan on making more props for Dungeons and Dragons in the future.


Let me know your experiences with creating props for your Dungeons and Dragons games in the comments down below! Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on when I post new content.

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