A Real-Life Pokémon Team

Last blog I talked about a Halloween themed team and now I will be writing about my dream Pokémon team that I would have in real life. I would want six different Pokémon on my team to help me out in different situations. So, which Pokémon would be on my team in real life and why did I choose them?


My first Pokémon I would choose to be on my team would be my favorite Pokémon Sylveon. Sylveon is an adorable Pokémon. I feel like Sylveon would make a great companion and would be really loving and loyal.

arcanine-gif-7.gifThe second Pokémon would be Arcanine. I love dogs and Arcanine is the ultimate fire doggo. It would just be nice to snuggle up to an Arcanine because they would be very warm and fluffy. If I ever needed to light a fire it would have my back. And if I ever got into any troubleit would be the best guard dog.

__midday_lycanroc_used_spear_throwers___by_screinja_x-dber70w.gifI would love to have a midday form Lycanroc on my team. Wolves are my favorite animal and Lycanroc is the Wolf Pokémon. Lycanroc would be a good companion guard Pokémon to have alongside Arcanine.

tumblr_m4cgivk6nG1qlms3vo1_r1_500.gifMy fourth Pokémon would be my favorite starter final evolution, which is Swampert. Also, it would be shiny Swampert because a shiny Swampert is pink. Pokémon Sapphire is my all-time favorite Pokémon game and Mudkip was always my starter. I think Swampert looks like a big lovable goof. I could teach it surf and I would be able to swim around on its back.


Fifth Pokémon would be Raichu. I love Pikachu and I love collecting Pikachu merchandise. But I would have to evolve it into Raichu because I don’t like the idea of not allowing a Pokémon to evolve. Raichu would be helpful because if my iPhone ever ran out of battery it could power it back up.


The sixth and final Pokémon that would be on my team would be Dragonite. It would be amazing to be able to fly around on its back.

Let me know in the comments what Pokémon you would want to have in real life. Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on when I post new content.

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