Top 3 Destressing Games for the 3DS

College life is tough. After five years and counting I feel like I can attest to that. With midterm exams coming up soon, now more than ever college students need to find (healthy) ways to cope with college stress. That is why I would like to suggest playing these three Nintendo 3DS games.

1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

anc“Animal Crossing: New Leaf” is probably the first game to pop into most gamers minds when thinking of relaxing games to play. “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” is a life simulation game where the player is thrown into the role of mayor of a town he or she just arrived in. The player is greeted into this town by a group of animal townsfolk and the adorable secretary Isabelle. From this point on it’s up to the player, with the help of Isabelle and the other townsfolk, to make the town a happier place to live.

Being mayor of a town sounds like a huge responsibility and stressful position to hold, but in “Animal Crossing” your duties include watering flowers, making deliveries for townsfolk, and raising bells (the in-game currency for the game) for public work projects. To raise bells the player can go fishing, catch bugs, find fossils, or gather fruit off trees.

While the player completes these tasks and talks to villagers, the game plays melodic music. My personal go-to video game music to listen to while studying would be the “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” soundtrack. The music is extremely calming, cheerful, and bubbly.

When you are feeling like everything is going wrong, “Animal Crossing” is the best game to pick up. The worst that can happen to you is falling into a pitfall or some weeds growing in your town. Talking and becoming friends with the villagers is rewarding. The villagers tend to offer some great advice and give you inspiration when you need it.

All in all, “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” is an incredibly wholesome game that is sure to lift your spirits when you are feeling down.

If you are interested in watching me play this game, you can check out my “Animal Crossing” Let’s Play on my YouTube channel.

2. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

story-of-seasons-trio-of-towns“Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns” is a farming and life simulation game. Your character wants to become a farmer, even against his/her father’s wishes. You leave home and acquire a farm from your uncle. From there it’s up to you to prove yourself to your father and become a successful farmer. The biggest task of the game is raising farm animals and harvesting crops. Other tasks include: fishing, cooking, foraging, mining, and completing jobs for townsfolk.

Your farm in “Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns” is centered between three towns. As you work toward becoming friends with townsfolk and completing jobs you unlock rewards for the town. The more you talk to townsfolk and give them gifts the friendlier they become with you. The game rewards you by becoming friends with people with cut scenes that allow you to learn more about them.

story-of-seasons-trio-of-towns-screenshot-007As you progress in the game, eventually you can choose to get married, have kids, and purchase pets. When you play the game you will find a routine to follow each day. The repetitiveness of farm life is comforting and the relationships you build with the characters is fulfilling.

You unfold the plot of this game depending on the friendships and decisions that you make. Your goal in “Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns” is to prove yourself as a farmer. There are no time constraints to complete this goal. Completing tasks and doing virtual chores is extremely relaxing, and helps keep your mind off real life tasks and chores.

3. Fantasy Life

zl4cxbwx6pauikrdu5cpIf you are a fan of role-playing games and overflowing adorableness, you are sure to enjoy “Fantasy Life”. There are always things to do in this game. There are 12 different “Life Classes” to choose from. Those classes include combat, gathering and crafting professions. At any point in the game you can change what kind of life you want. If you want to slay a dragon, you can be a Paladin with armor and a sword. If you feel like fishing you can become an Angler.

3011647-nap+dragon+15The game constantly keeps you busy with quests. Tasks never become boring because it always changes up what you can do. Fighting dragons and golems sounds tough, but when everything in the game looks super cute you never feel too pressured. The game can be addictive because of the variety of dungeon crawling, crafting, and jobs.

The storyline of the game can be a bit slow at times, but the characters in the game are kind and the dialogue is clever. When playing this game, you’ll find that you’ll be spending more times grinding than following the story. The relaxing part of this game comes from leveling up your character and completing tasks. One could call this game the colorful and cute offspring of “World of Warcraft“.

When looking for relaxing games, the most significant factor is the undertaking of assignments. Most people would think that completing chores in video games wouldn’t be any fun, but it is extremely rewarding. The point of video games is to escape reality and having games where you can feel a sense of accomplishment will carry over into the real world and help you feel much better.

Let me know what games you find relaxing down in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Top 3 Destressing Games for the 3DS

  1. ali says:

    i thought the title was top 3 distressing games for 3ds and was wondering why pokemon was missing. still need to give new leaf a try, but that takes away from time spent playing pokemon

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